Get Involved

Get Involved and Join Our Team

Here at CNQR we are always excited to welcome volunteers into our world. We wouldn't be able to do any of this without YOU!

Below are a list of just some of the ways you can use your voice, story and expertise to help us propel the movement and ultimately eradicate suicide. 


CNQR Summits

Bring a #CNQRsummit to your city
CNQR is spearheading the lived-expertise movement through evidence informed storytelling in these Day Long summits. Geared toward changing conversations about brain health, these summits offer ceus in a fun, casual and intimate atmosphere, and can be geared toward a high school, caregiver, professional, and/or community audience. The CNQR Team will work with you to coordinate location and logistics, outreach and our CNQR Collective speakers.

Fundraise WITH Us

Lets raise funds together
Help raise money to go toward promoting positive brain health and suicide prevention. All proceeds go to the KMHines Foundation, which makes CNQR Programming possible.

Share YOUR story

CNQR believes (and research supports it) that sharing stories of hope helps to heal. Join our online community to share your story of how to reach others if you're in need of a little hope now.

We also want you to aspire to work & speak alongside our CNQR Collective speakers so we have some suggestions on how this can happen along your journey; 

Share your story with us.
We believe in the power of storytelling and have seen first hand the positive ripple effects that occur when sharing positive and safe stories of hope & recovery. Kevin Hines & the Collective stories are just a few, there are so many more and we would love to hear from you.

*please also read the attached document before deciding to share your story. 
Personal Readiness To Share Your Story

Our CNQR Champions are people who have been speaking and advocating in their communities or are currently volunteering with other organisations.
These Champions would become part of our CNQR Family and help us with our fundraising events, volunteer for us and promote our message.
In return we mentor them, assist with personal & professional development and look at ways to take their message and story further. 

CNQR Collective is our elite program. 
These are individuals aligned with organisations or groups who have developed their stories and expertise (through training, development, storytelling workshops and self development) 
Our Collective members practice what they preach, and are elevating our messaging through recovery and hopeful based storytelling. 

Want to get involved? Contact us!