Championing brain health & wellness through a peer lead movement...

CNQR is a global team of dynamic peer leaders, social disrupters and change makers. We work across global sectors in innovative, diverse and positively disruptive ways to change the current landscape of mental/brain health, wellness, and suicide prevention.  We work collaboratively with our collective - delivering programs to corporates, school systems, communities and law enforcement/military. 


Our Story

CNQR is the keystone project of the Kevin and Margaret Hines Foundation, founded by Kevin and Margaret Hines to address the countless requests for help that they get from high schools, colleges, military bases, and companies, that another suicide has been completed in their community, agency and company, and more support is needed to prevent it from happening again.  

C - courage: have the courage to accept, be honest and challenge the norm, no matter what that is for you. 

N - normalize: Its time to normalize the conversation. 

Q - question: don't ever be afraid to question. Ask the hard questions, be curious and take action. 

R - recovery: recovery is a journey, it is possible and it is the right of every human. 


Our Vision

01. Transform how brain health & wellness is viewed in the community by creating opportunities and safe spaces for conversations to flourish across households, schools, institutions, the media and companies. 

02. Champion brain health & wellness through a peer lead movement consisting of evidence based programs and workshops. 

03. Advance experiences and opportunities for people with a lived expertise to innovate, lead and make impact in their local communities. 

04. Encourage stakeholders to collaborate and push a collective message that will transcend sectors through networking, collective impact and disruption of the norm. 

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